Basic Website :)

The most basic website EVER!

New Site

Karl Zahn - Comedian


Use Your Tablet as a Second Monitor

Use Your Tablet as a Second Monitor - Great for Working ....!

Comedian Karl from NH (website Redo)

Doing a website makeover of comedian "Karl from New Hampshire"... check it out now....
My rendition will be up in two weeks....



Own a business?..... Here's some advice.....
It might be best to keep your political talk off Facebook. It could possibly cost you business from "the other side". Use your vote to make a statement, not a "like" of some dumb political quote or cartoon....
Read the
Pew poll link....

Steve Jobs Quotes

Steve Jobs - 10 quotes......


Phone Charger

Very cool.... for woman.....

A purse that charges your phone....
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Airlines and Devices

What puzzles me are policies that allow devices on some airlines but not others.....
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Why e-mails need CAPTCHA . The code that is needed to enter before sending an e-mail.
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Web Browser Apps

"Screen Capture" is how I take pictures of my websites front pages to highlight them in a post or e-mail....

Get the App here and view other ones that could help you........

Is Your Password .... Safe?

This is a great website to see how long a hacker would take to break your password code.
One of my passwords took only a day, another one I use took 26 years.
Check yours


Good Tips for self employed people needing to take a vacation.....
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Fonts for you....

There are some really cool fonts here....I like the Dollar and the Godfather fonts....
Check here


New Look Website for Client

Take a look at an updated website designed by JFKeefe....


Headphone jack charms?

Companies are selling little charms to stick into your headphone jack of your phone.
I found this interesting... and great entrepreneurship.

Read about it and see examples here.

Google v. Bing

Google still be on top for searches....but Bing is better in some areas.....
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Online ads

This is a great article about how Facebook will use its users for focused advertising. Google already does this....


Recently passwords were stolen from LinkedIn accounts. Was yours one of the ones stolen?
here to see.

Apple Maps?

Google Maps are used on most websites. Wil Apple claim some share?
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Downloading Images

Using images taken from Google or other websites can be illegal, most photos are copyrighted. Just because you can easily download them doesn't make it legal. All my images I use for my websites and my own advertising are bought. This is one of the sites I use to find photos.

Facebook Ads?

Should you advertise on Facebook? It doesn’t look to be the best avenue for you dollars....

Great Business Tool

This could be a good way to advertise of sell your product or service.

Google "askew"

Type in the word “askew” in Google.... and the page.. well .. askews...!
Something to do when your bored... :)


Create a Facebook page, social media is a great way to advertise your business and its free!

See mine here

Restaurant Websites

50% of independent restaurants do not have a website.....

Consumers more frequently are using computers and smart phones to find a place to eat.....

read an article about this in the Boston Globe, April 2012


Google listings are not a science... or are they?

Read to see how Google works.... or doesn’t....

How Google works (or doesn’t)

Facebook Ads

I haven’t had much luck doing Facebook ads... I tried it for my Karate school for just the town its in and the surrounding towns/cities. I got some more “likes” for the page, but no actual sign ups...

This new feature from Facebook should help to see how it performs.... Click
here to read.

Internet tax for E-Com sales

Don’t worry if they pass the Internet E-Com sales tax bill. It only effects business with sales over $250,000.

Lets hope you someday you have to pay those taxes.. with sales like that would it be hard to argue!....

Sales tax Bill in Congress

Google Listings

Unfortunately getting on the front page of Google can difficult. I have had great success getting the websites I design on the front page... but occasionally I hit a bump....

Here is one reason why, straight from Googles mouth.... Click
here to read....

Website Design Mistake

Don’t have CLUTTER! Although having lots of content in your website is vital, having too much is not good.

A clean design give the viewer an easy layout to understand and find what they are looking for. Its a balance.

Advertiing your website and business

There are different ways to get your listings up to the top of the search engines.

One way is to add your website to local website advertisers. Merchant Circle is one that works well...

Advertise your website with QR code

A new way t o advertise your website is to use the new QR code.


Smart phone users use an app that scans the image, it will then take the phone to the website embedded in the QR image.